'Teen Wolf' recap: Which character is the nogitsune?

Sorry good guys, Stiles has gone bad."Teen Wolf" has made the brilliant choice to take Stiles -- skinny, defenseless Stiles -- and turn him into an evil monster by the end of Monday's (Feb. 10) episode, "Riddled." After an hour of tension, horror and revelations, that's almost too much to take.It's also wonderful. Here's why.When sleepwalking, be sure to fully charge your phone"Riddled" begins on a note of tension when Scott gets a panicked call from Stiles. He doesn't know where he is, other than it's a basement somewhere. Also, Stiles' leg is caught in a bear trap. Oh, and there's a crazy person with a bandaged face speaking Japanese and brandishing pointy teeth. Too bad Stiles' phone battery is about to die.While Bandage Guy is telling riddles and asking Stiles to avoid hypothermia, roughly half of the town goes out on the hunt. This includes Lydia, who interrupts a late-night drawing session with...



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