The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Planting Seeds

I wish I could give this week more stars, but the tide is turning and my stomach is turning right along with it. This Brandi/Kyle alliance is giving me the creeps.


Yolanda visits Mohamed of the Mermaid Party Mohameds to see if they can plan a combination going away/graduation party for their daughter Gigi. Yo goes out of her way to prove that she and her ex are still totally cool, and I fucking believe her already. I once stopped talking to a guy for merely suggesting we watch The Notebook, but she is so tight with her ex-husband, she can casually drop by and interrupt a romantic garden breakfast he’s having with his girlfriend, Shiva. You win! Everyone sat around smelling bread and not eating anything, and they questioned Lisa for daring to have a party on the same night as David Foster’s daughter’s wedding. David Foster’s daughter’s wedding waits for no one! The space-time continuum is more delicate in Beverly Hills, and the concept of two things happening on the same night is apparently enough to decimate a friendship, but Yo and Mohamed took their mind off of Lisa by conning his girlfriend into planning the entire party and doing all of the cooking for it. Teamwork!  Read More...


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