'Pretty Little Liars' - 'Shadow Play': Emily and Paige's love scene was 'emotionally real,' says EP Joseph Dougherty

The "Pretty Little Liars" film noir episode may have viewers wondering what exactly was real within the the canon of the show, since the transporting back to the 1940s took place in Spencer's sleep-deprived, Adderall-fueled brain. Executive producer Joseph Dougherty clears things up for Zap2it -- sort of."What is real and what's not real and what counts and doesn't count -- I've been getting that a lot on Twitter," says Dougherty, with Zap2it specifically wondering about the Paige-Emily romance, since a steamy on-screen scene between them has not been shown before on "Liars." Dougherty says while it may not have been real-real, it was emotionally real."I think every moment that's in there is emotionally real. In my mind, Paige and Emily have been together that way, we've just not seen it before," says Dougherty. "These are two characters who I don't think we've ever seen in that kind of romantic situation, so the idea was...



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