'Twisted' winter premiere: Danny reveals the truth about the day Aunt Tara died

When "Twisted" took its midseason break, the ABC Family mystery left several plots dangling in the air. Not only was the central question over who murdered Regina still no closer to any resolution, but fans were still wondering just why Danny (Avan Jogia) killed his aunt all those years ago and how his (not) dead dad Vikram was involved in the Regina mess. And then Danny ran, leaving his destination a question mark as well.When the show returned for its midseason premiere on Tuesday (Feb. 11), it came prepared with answers. First off, Danny didn't even run. He was hiding in the vents of his house, where he overheard Kyle (Sam Robards) tell Karen (Denise Richards) that all signs pointed to Vikram being alive.After getting out of the house and getting Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) in the same room the next day, Danny dropped the bomb: He didn't kill Tara. Rather, he...



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