'The Following': Who is Leslie Bibb's cult member Jana?

"The Following" once again threw viewers for an intense loop on Monday (Feb. 10) night's episode, "Family Affair."When Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) snuck into an unsuspecting suburban housewife's home and stole her baby to wait outside in the backyard, fans expected the worst. Would Joe kill the baby? Steal it and go on the run? At best, he'd leave the baby alive and just murder the housewife (not exactly a "best" scenario).But when Joe turned around and showed his face to the scared woman, instead of screaming she smiled and ran to give him a hug.Yup, this woman was yet another one of Joe's followers. Meet Jana Murphy (Leslie Bibb), the cult member who was waiting for Joe to show up a year ago so she could give him a new passport and money to help him escape into that good night. Of course, now we know Joe never made it to the meeting since...



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