Vampire Academy (2014) - Review

What's the most annoying thing about Vampire Academy? Is it that it's one of those innocuously synthetic cliques-from-hell youth flicks that offer a rolling barrage of remarks instead of scenes with actual dramatic momentum? (Teen vampire girl: ''Bite me!'' Other teen vampire girl: ''You wish, blood whore!'' Headmistress: ''I am so glad you're not at each other's throats!'') Is it that the film features an even more arbitrary version of the kind of lumpy pulp plotting that was the worst aspect of theTwilight movies? No, the most annoying thing about Vampire Academy is that simply to watch this featherweight horror soap opera of mean-but-not-too-mean bloodsucking ingenues, you have to absorb an entire franchise cosmology — it's popcorn escapism as homework.  Read More...,,20483133_20764794,00.html


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