The Lego Movie (2014) - Review

Animators work with more freedom than other filmmakers — theoretically, they can visualize anything — but let's be honest: In the past few years, there has been such a glut of big-studio digital-cartoon features made in a conventionally pleasing, market-tested style that animation, in effect, has stopped surprising us. Frozen, much as I liked it, was jammed with overly familiar princess/sidekick/journey-of-redemption tropes. And it's hard to think of the last time a Pixar film made you go ''Wow!'' That's part of why The LEGO Movie is such outrageous and intoxicating fun. It may be a helter-skelter kiddie adventure built out of plastic toy components, but it's fast and original, it's conceptually audacious, it's visually astonishing, and it's 10 times more clever and smart and funny than it needed to be. Here, at last, is an animated comedy that never stops surprising you.

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