Winter's Tale (2014) - Review

What's your threshold for schmaltz? That's not an idle question; it's something you might want to seriously consider before seeing the supernatural romantic fantasy Winter's Tale. Because depending on your answer, you may find yourself either stifling a sniffle by the film's end credits or rolling your eyes and groaning. There isn't much middle ground.

Based on Mark Helprin's beloved 1983 novel, and adapted with a liberal dollop of sap by Oscar-winning screenwriter-turned-director Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind), Winter's Talenever figures out what kind of story it wants to tell. Is it a three-hankie tearjerker about the redemptive power of love? Is it a dark sci-fi thriller pitting the age-old forces of heaven and hell against each other? Or is it a kid-friendly fairy tale replete with a dashing Prince Charming astride a flying white stallion? Miraculously, and unfortunately, the answer is: all of the above.

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