New Girl 3.15 “Exes” Review: The Ex-Factor

Throughout its 2014 run, New Girl has been hitting its stride with a string of amazing episodes that may even rival the back half of season two, when show hit new heights with the developing romance between Nick and Jess. “Exes,” like this past Sunday’s “Prince,” is a funnier episode than last month’s “Birthday,” but it also packs the same emotional punch of that episode, just in a different way.

After allowing Nick and Jess to tell each other that they love each other in “Prince,” the New Girl writers decided to challenge the future of the couple with a look back into the past, specifically through Nick’s ex-girlfriend, Caroline, who after Nick left her back in the season one finale, never received an explanation for his sudden change of mind. Naturally, Nick is hesitant to explain his reasons why, causing Caroline to assume that he cheated on her with Jess, thus igniting an epic level of craziness that she unleashes on Nick (and a poor innocent person’s car).



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