The Originals 1.13 Review: “Crescent City”

All the supernatural creatures were out in full force in last night’s episode of The Originals.  Witches were in control, using some werewolves to gain leverage over the vampire community by attacking the most powerful family.

I had wondered last week if each of the witches Celeste resurrected would have their own episode.  Last week was all about Papa Tunde, and this week we met two other witches: Bastiana and Genevieve.  Bastiana must be the most recent witch of them all, as Father Kieran recognized her in church.  In turn, she hexes him similar to how she hexed his nephew and Cami’s brother Sean.  Kieran warns Cami of what happened, because he knows the inevitable outcome of such a hex.  The other witch Genevieve gives Cami the opportunity to save her uncle if she stakes Klaus straight in the heart with the blade yielding all the power that Papa Tunde collected from slaying hundreds of vampires.  Cami chose to be on the winning side of this brewing war and handed the blade over to Klaus to deal with.



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