Reign 1.10 Review: “Sacrifice”

This episode of Reign begins the way I want all episodes to begin, with Bash leaping and vaulting through the castle like he just escaped the Matrix.  In reality, he’s practicing his sword fighting with his new body guard, Alec, who foreshadows the politics of the castle “learn to expect the blade you cannot see.”  In terms of sword fighting mentors, he’s no Syrio Forel but he’ll make do.  Mary grabs Bash and reminds him that he’s the King Regent and needs to practice being kingly in front of the court so that they’ll accept him.  This introduces the theme of choice and sacrifice.  Bash has been raised as a bastard, with the expectation that he’ll never get to rule.  Bash has accepted that fate and seems to enjoy the freedom associated with being famous and rich but not having to actually do anything about it.  He’s the antithesis of Francis whose head of golden locks was groomed since birth to hold the crown.  Oh, what are these French royals to do?



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