The Vampire Diaries 5.13 Review: “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

The stakes were raised in this latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Katherine is gradually taking over Elena’s life, but there are visible flaws in her plan.  Damon’s humanity switch went off last week, and he’s as bad as he was in the first season.  Meanwhile, it seems Stefan will be only one able to save both Damon and Elena.

There’s finally a new witch in the mix now that Bonnie’s just your average spiritual anchor to the Other Side.  Conveniently enough, the only time we’ve seen Bonnie in a class at college is when she’s seated next to a classmate who she notices is levitating her pen over her notebook.  This girl, Liv Parker, isn’t exactly open to the idea of helping Bonnie.  She’s not used to her powers, but with Bonnie’s help and Damon’s vampire scare tactics, she is able to locate Wes.



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