The Walking Dead 4.09 Review: “After”

In the world of The Walking Dead, every single character we come across has experienced a great loss. A number of them, really: family, friends, community, society… everything that’s taken for granted in life suddenly disappears, the petty dramas of everyday life replaced by the physical struggle to survive, and the internal battle to maintain one’s sanity in a fundamentally broken world. In the aftermath of “Too Far Gone”, “After” pauses to take a good, long look at two deeply traumatized characters as their biggest, deepest fears suddenly come to life, threatening to consume them.

To accomplish this, Robert Kirkman (penning his second episode this season, after “Isolation”) and director Greg Nicotero turn the signature props of Michonne and Carl into symbols of their biggest fears. Michonne doesn’t just make two new pet zombies to keep others away: her nightmare reveals that her real fear is being alone again, after watching her second family get fractured by a psychopath and his tank. Once upon a time, she was a mother – and since the day she lost her husband and child, Michonne’s isolation has been her own karmic punishment for not protecting the ones she loved.



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