True Detective 1.04 Review: “Who Goes There”

Where Marty Hart folds in the face of chaos, Rust Cohle embraces it, kisses it on the lips, and takes it out to dinner. “Who Goes There” not only marks Rust’s journey back into some of the deeper circles of Hell, but a fascinating contrast between Marty and Rust, and how they react when the find themselves in the center of a tornado they can’t control. It’s often said that investigations take on a life of their own:True Detective‘s fourth hour takes that idea to another level, an hour where an obscure lead in an investigation slowly spirals (wink, wink) out of control until the unfiltered chaos of the finale, one of the most exhilarating, anxiety-inducing sequences I’ve ever watched on television (clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks that).

The first fifty minutes of “Who Goes There” is actually rather simplistic: alternating between Rust and Marty, the episode examines the differences between these men and how they react to stress in their personal and professional lives. Keeping with the show’s obsession with ambiguity, their actions throughout the episode both contrast and compliment each other: Rust certainly keeps his head cooler than Marty when an ugly bit of history surfaces – but he does so through a lot of drug use and Jameson-pounding, offering us an insight to the darker part of 1995 Rust that once spent four years working undercover (most detectives work 11 months, at most, according to Marty), the part of him that drinks like a fish and embraces the adrenaline within him.



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