The Following 2.04 Review: “Family Affair”

If the most egregious mishandling of The Following is how it uses violence, its characterization of the Followers is not far behind. Usually, when a writer is bothering to tell a story about a serial killer or several serial killers, it’s with the intent of delving into the psyche of someone who falls into that category – it’s a chance to try to understand a different kind of person. For the most part, the Followers in Kevin Williamson’s act like “normal” people. They live their day-to-day lives and interact with one another, seemingly forgetting that they are, in fact, insane. Some are more played up (such as the Evil Twins), but a character like Emma doesn’t come off that much like a murderer. If the underlying suggestion here is that that’s the point – that the horror of The Following is that these people can be so much like non-serial killers – then that’s about the least interesting, laziest, factually inaccurate and offensive affront to its viewers. It’s an impossible pill to swallow and it creates a transparent foundation for the whole series. So, the more time spent trying to humanize some of these characters, the worse off The Following becomes.



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