The Bachelor 18.06 Recap: Looking for Love in The Shire

Juan Pablo was at it again last night. Rose-lovers across the country are still holding out hopes that ‘El Bachelor Latino’ is going to start winning points with audiences, but he just doesn’t seem capable of doing so. Another week, another failure in the approval ratings.

On to episode 6 of the 18th season of The Bachelor. This week the crew headed to New Zealand so right off the bat I was interested. New Zealand is just about the only thing living up to its billing on the show. The place looked amazing, especially the Huka Lodge where everyone is staying. Obviously, Clare is still going bonkers over the drama that ensued after her late night dip in the ocean with JP. This whole scenario is annoying – just about annoying as Clare. Finally, Andi (one of the better potential mates) gets the one-on-one date card. The way JP hands out roses on one-on-one dates I know this is a lock. Prior to the date, Cassandra and Renee have a tearful one-on-one about how hard it is to date as a single-mom. Cassandra, you’re 22 babe and your baby-daddy is an NBA player. Chill out. (Clearly, I’m not over that).



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