Downton Abbey 4.06 Review

This episode opens with a telegram arriving at Downton.  Did anyone else wonder if it was going to read that Mr. Gregson was dead?  (And was anyone else HOPING it would say he was dead?).  But no, we get the news from Mr. Bates who tells Mrs. Hughes the telegram means “his lordship is going to America” and Mrs. Hughes looks thoroughly horrified.  Come on Hughes, we’re not the savages that you suspect we are! Stuffy ol’ Robert is off to America to help Cora’s brother with “the senate.”  Not that I don’t appreciate the Crawley’s but Americans tend to not want British royalty interfering with American politics since well, the whole King George debacle. And furthermore, even Robert knows that being a distant relative of an Earl doesn’t mean that much “I know plenty of relatives of English Earls who belong in jail.” Touché!



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