Workaholics 4.04 Review: “Miss BS”

Well, last night, as Philly was getting pounded with snow, I brewed up a nice cup of tea and joyfully celebrated having no classes today by watching Workaholics, with no worry towards school or work.  Although I thought nothing could put a damper on the night, “Miss BS” did just so, by delivering a sub-par episode of Workaholics that felt oddly out of place. Normally I don’t expect too much out of this show and am looking for ridiculous situations and funny one-liners, but even without those, I can usually sit back and rationalize that the characters would actually somehow get into these absurd scenarios. However, last night, well, it just felt boring, and like the hole that Adam, Blake, and Ders dug for themselves was something that they should have been able to avoid.



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