The plot thickens indeed. No, the official hunt for the Urca d'Lima hasn't begun (and I expect business to pick up significantly when it does), and so this third Black Sails chapter was all about preparedness. With Flint taking a slight, unwilling detour in the form of a partnership with Vane.

A partnership which last only a few hours before Eleanor discovered Max being gang-raped by Vane's crew. Not something Vane would have approved of had he known, but the damage was done nonetheless. Which brings up a very powerful theme on this show - at what price leadership? Being the captain of a pirate ship seems to involve a harrowing balancing act, constantly needing to satiate the hunger and greed of your loyal crew. A crew who can, by rules of the game, boot you out of office should they find a better offer. And from what I've seen on this show, it's a wonder anyone can set out to sea without a mutiny or three.



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