Yes, I thought I'd start off this Coven season review with some Fleetwood Mac lyrics. Seemed appropriate since "Silver Springs" is really the only Mac song I like. And since they actually played the song in the season finale yetdidn't somehow get to the chorus, I thought I'd throw it in. With lyrics apropos the themes of Coven too.

It also allows me to kick off the review by talking about Stevie Nicks and her role on the show this year. A small part, sure, but an ill-conceived one. Now, now, before you leap to Stevie's defense, just know that not everyone in the world is a Stevie Nicks fans. It's just a cruel fact of life, I'm afraid. I have nothing against her, solo career or Mac years, but her voice and music (aside from the aforementioned song) just never did anything for me. If you're a Stevie enthusiast though, her bits throughout Coven probably tickled you to no end. Playing actual songs, as opposed to a composed soundtrack score, in TV shows and movies is always a risk. Because there's a chance that they won't strike a chord with everyone. It can be divisive. And, in worst case scenarios, exclusionary.



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