Pretty Little Liars Recap: Kiss Me Deadly


At the risk of overdosing on internet-speak: Literally everything about that was the most amazing thing you’ll see all day, and it will restore your faith in humanity, and you won’t believe what happened next. Everything about PLL that is already fantastic — big kisses, bold declarations of war, generally suspicious facial expressions — is made all the more awesome by the heightened film noir-reality in “Shadow Play.” The show is so melodramatic at heart, it’s such a kick to see this gang lean into that over-the-top intensity. A bonus: Everything about the show that can be kind of weak gets glossed right over in this dark and twisty alternate world, where Ali’s clunky-as-Mona’s-shoes dialogue fits right in and no one can tell that Aria’s clothes probably clash in color. And an installment of PLL that breaks with the norm can only mean one thing: a huge upset in the Pretty Little Power Rankings.  Read More...


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