Justified Recap: Just One Word

Is there a contest in the Justified writers' room to see who can pack the most plot into an episode? Season five makes it seem as though there is; it's just one damn thing after another after another, the upside of which is there's never a dull moment; the downside being that it sometimes feels like motion for motion's sake. 


Last night's episode, "Kill the Messenger" — which was written by Ingrid Escejeda and directed by series coproducer Don Kurt — was busy, busy, busy. We saw Boyd try to protect Ava against prison violence by hiring protection from the incarcerated sister of a former white supremacist buddy, Gunnar Swift. Turns out Gunnar took Boyd's money and let his imprisoned sister Gretchen humiliate Ava as long-delayed payback for the former white supremacist Boyd becoming a "race traitor." We saw Dewey and Danny Crowe move against Boyd, then kidnap and torture one of his associates, Carl, when Boyd wasn't around; somehow by the end of all this mess, Boyd and the biggest Crowe brother Darryl were in cahoots, with Darryl administering a beatdown to Gunnar. There was also a scene establishing that Boyd and Duffy were hustling their way out of Boyd's distribution problem via a Korean-Mexican drug alliance.  Read More...



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