'Community' Season 5: Ben Folds' A**-Crack Bandit song

"Community" fans were introduced to the a**-crack bandit in the Season 5 episode, "Advanced Intergluteal Numismatics." Now, a ballad celebrating the legendary outlaw -- written by Ben Folds -- is available.It's kind of amazing.Although he only appeared briefly (as a pot-growing horticulture professor) on the show, Folds penned a rather impressive song celebrating the coin-dropping figure of mystery. If you don't listen to the lyrics, it even sounds like a real song.But listening to the lyrics may be the best part. Here are a few of the best lines:"You thought your plumbing was safe, but your jeans were half mast""25 cents at a time, he's taking our souls""Coins in the a**-crack or the eyes of a dead man""He's the A**-Crack Bandit -- enemy of the state""He'll give you no quarter, but he'll give you a quarter""Maybe we're the crooks and he's the hero? Maybe he's the messiah? Who's to say?""And don't forget your jukebox...



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