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I can't seem to find the first episode where Caprica is taken and the other battlestars are destroyed except Galactica because of a cyclon trick, what is that episodes name? I also cannot find the episodes after that when Galactica jumps into the ammo depot but is surrounded and acts like a shield for the fleet to escape. Can anyone explain why this is and where i can find these first episodes?


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Jun 3, 2008 1:40PM EDT

I'm new to this site and just read your plea for clarity. I don't know if anyone has replied to but try watching the miniseries. The prelude to the weekly episodes. Many of the flashback scenes and references throughout the Seasons are from the miniseries, whether actually shown or not ie:deleted scenes. If you have already seen it reviewing it will shed a whole new light on character dynamics in the weekly episodes. Hope this helps. Peace out.

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