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markANTHONY Reviews Chuck Season 2 Episode 6 - Chuck Vs. The Ex

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 6- Chuck Vs. The Ex aired Monday 10th November 2008 on NBC.

I'll not waste time in telling you the hows and whys of the programme, if you're reading this you'll probably already know what Chuck is about.

I have no qualms in telling you straight away that this episode was absolutely superb! Reviews usually wait until the end to give you a rating, but I can't make you wait that long. Chuck receives 4.5 stars out 5.

The episode begins with a recap of previous clips from the first season to refresh our memories for the upcoming story.

If you remember the pilot episode, you'll remember that Chuck was getting over his girlfriend Jill, who had dumped him. As you can probably guess from the title of the episode that Jill comes back into Chuck's life - and boy does this throw a spanner in the works of the whole Sarah - Chuck thing going on.

After the recap we're taken via flashback to 2003 after Jill has broken up with Chuck, he has driven some 300 miles to try and win her back, needless to say he fails miserably.

Back to the present day and Chuck is sent to a convention to help install a computer system where he spots his old flame. After being ratted out by his client; Chuck speaks with Jill and tells her a few "€white lies". It's obvious from this encounter that there are still feelings there. Chuck is introduced to Jill's boss and surprise surprise, he flashes. (To anyone not familiar with the show: No he's not a pervert in a rain coat).

Jill works for a company called BioChem, we find out a little later that she is working on a top secret project that she is suspicious about.

I don't want to ruin the episode for anyone that hasn't seen it, but I can tell you what follows is epic brilliance. I would say without a doubt that this is the best episode yet, with genuine laugh out loud moments (There's this one scene where Chuck is listening in on a bugged telephone conversation that had me laughing so much I had to rewind to watch what I missed).

There is also an amusing CPR course sub plot with the rest of the Buy More staff.

Now for the downside. I don't want to subtract from the brilliance of this episode, and I was ecstatic when Tony Hale (Buster in Arrested Development) joined the cast. However I feel they have just brought back the Harry Tang bad guy character with a different face. That being said, he is of course funny in Chuck but I would have liked to have seen him in a different role.

With genius mix of comedy, action, suspense and homo-erotica Chuck Season 2 Episode 6 - Chuck Vs. The Ex is my favourite episode out of all the programs I'm watching this season.

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