New Girl Review: Night Lunch

How exactly does one become the most adorkable woman in America?

After recovering from a late 2013 flirtation with mediocrity, a fit and fierce New Girl Season 3 endeavored to answer that question this week in one of the season's funniest episodes.

And according to  New Girl Season 3 Episode 16, the road to adorkability begins by growing up in the shadow of a delinquent and eyeliner-soaked older sister.

Tonight's half-hour marked the debut of former ER and Freaks and Geeks star Linda Cardellini as Abby, Jess's mess of an older sister, who is slated to star in a multi-episode arc.

Abby is not only an entertaining train wreck in all the usual entertaining train wreck ways (boundary issues, hotel bar trickery, excellent earrings), but provides an interesting insight into how Jess Day became the gluten-free cupcake of a human being that we know and love today.  Read More...


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