Cougar Town Review: Sac Sale

Big Tippi, we hardly knew you!

At least Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 6 quickly introduced Tippi’s replacement, though. Welcome to the Sac, Big Chuck!

Grayson commenting on doing the memorial services just about every year for the big wine glasses  was one of those slightly meta jokes that are sometimes snuck in, but some reassurance that it’s being noticed is never a bad thing. Outliving your wine glass is a terrible tragedy, after all.

However, the destruction of the ridiculously-sized items is getting a little old. Big Tippi had all of two episodes to her name. These things begin to lose their effect when their life spans get smaller and smaller.

The events leading up to Tippi’s demise - with Jules jumping on the karma bandwagon thanks to Laurie - was a good one. Jules is always following some new thing always comes back to her safety net of the cul-de-sac.



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