yeh its finally here!!!ill give the shrt version of it in case you just wanna know:)

hi guys i had been waiting for this weeks episode since monday. comon lets face who can pass the chancde to see barney married with kids. wanna know more read on.

so the episode started with barney ted robin marshal and lily in the bar drinking and lily spots 3 girls getting drunk(well its a bar so what can you expect) and barney shrugs it off and leaves(hmmm???). So obviously everyone thinks of it as weird and also remembers other weird stuff that happend during the week (like barney talking on his cell to someone about going for brunch and a hike ) so they decided to follow him. They wind up somewhere in the suburbs(i am guessing from the settings ) and barney enter one of the houses (god i was exploding with glee at this point ).

when the foursome knocks barney opens the door and they are greeted by his mom standing near by. at this sight they think that barney was just hiding the fact that he is a mama's boy but wait there is a twist just as they are about to leave they see a fairly hot blonde(you know what i mean) .Barney introduces her as his wife (yehhhhhhhhhh finallly ) our foursome is confused to say the least. then comes the b....wait for it .....tyler barney's son (seriously couldn't come up with a better name????) .then the sweet mom leaves and barney explaines how 7 years ago when his mom was terminally sick he introduced her to betsy as his fiance so she wont feel bad about him winding up alone like her. and as betsy is a very enthusiastic actress she thew in that she was pregnant intop the mix. but mom got better so he had to pretend for her sake( bummer ). but then marshall and lily talk to barney's mom and advice him to tell her the truth at this point lily also let her true feelings about marshall'smom slip. It progresses to a scripted (by barmney obviously..) dinner where betsy raves about how great of a husband barney is but tyler forgets his line. oh yeah ted connects with betsy and when they enter the kitchen everyone finds ted kissing betsy which leads to a overly dramatic scene made by ted about some blind fiance of his.then finally realizing the error of his ways barney comes clean to his mum . guess what she hated the wife and the kid and the friends as it turns out . But she reminds him to take more chances in life at this moment robin reminds him that the cab is leaving and he looks at her longingly( man when will these two hook up its about time.... are they planing on making another show about it ).well that was this episode for you..

oh some lines that cracked me up..

*ted: where does this woman live?

robin: she got barney to settle down so i am guessing narnia..

*barney:child acters were better in 80's.

*barney(while acting all lovey dovey with betsy):thats how you act( to ted)

when tyler said he doesnt want his parents to get divorced and ran off the room everyone stared behind him cause it was just so real (seriously i had the same look on my face:|)

well lemme know what you thought of this episode )


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