Naruto: Shippuden Episode #349 Anime Review

With Naruto: Shippuden taking a break from the currently storyline to get caught up a bit more and to let the source material progress just a bit further, the show has opted to spend February with a filler arc. Rather than just a series of drawn out side stories in the present though, we get to go back to the time after the Third Great Ninja War and deal with events from there, which includes some of what Kakashi had gone through at the time that shaped him and his personality. It ties in well to the present without feeling forced since it gives us a look at what Kakashi was struggling with after the death of Obito and Rin and how that left him in a state of shock that he has to work out. It also gives us some interesting moments in Hidden Leaf Village history as it starts the shift to the next Hokage.



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