The Following Season 2 Review “Reflection”

On the latest episode of “The Following,” the show continued its rapid pacing in “Reflection,” once again cutting to the chase, in this case literally, as we picked up where we left off with Max tailing the temperamental Giselle while Ryan makes haste to catch up. Once again, things didn’t necessarily go as expected, as Ryan and Max actually caught up to her and captured her, rather than what one might think, which was either Max getting hurt and/or kidnapped her own self in the process. Instead, they tied Giselle up, did a little good cop/bad cop routine on her, and off Ryan went to meet up with her contact.

Once there, once again, things went in a different direction, as Ryan got the jump on Jamel and Luke, shooting the former and evading the latter after getting slightly injured in the ensuing shoot-out. Shortly thereafter, Giselle got loose and caught up to Luke, only to get unceremoniously dropped by Ryan after leading him to believe she’d killed Max in her escape, which was a lie. Thus far, needless to say, Ryan’s “We don’t need no stinking cops”-approach is reaping pretty great dividends, save his getting a bit banged up in the process.



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