Castle Season 6 Review “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

In the latest episode of “Castle,” wryly-titled “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Castle and Co. got a hold of a real-life “Carrie,” as in the Stephen King-created high school girl with telekinetic powers that was remade last year. The shenanigans here, at least in the initial video at the school cafeteria, actually reminded me more of the viral campaign for that remake, which if you haven’t seen, is pretty great, and can be found here.

Anyway, as with that real-life stunt, this was also faked, with a little help from the girl’s friend, who was trying to help her scare off some mean girl types. This plotline led down some pretty crazy avenues, including a floating-prone biophysicist, German bearer bonds hidden in a hollowed-out edition of “War & Peace,” a superstitious former member of the Asian Triads, a would-be “Bling Ring”-type clique and more jokes at poor Rick Astley’s expense. (Hasn’t he been through enough, people?)



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