Twisted Season 1 Review “Sins of the Father”

After last week’s action-packed mid-season premiere of ABC Family’s second-best high school mystery show, Twisted, left we wondering where the heck the series could go from here, ‘Sins of the Father’ went quite far in answering some questions. After spending eleven episodes wondering whether our main character was indeed a murderous sociopath, it’s clear that things aren’t just going to go back to normal – Danny has been exonerated for the murder of his classmate but, unbeknownst to anyone but Jo, he’s now responsible for the killing of his own father.

This might have changed the series massively, but it also introduces a much bigger mystery into the lives of Jo, Lacey and Danny – one that Lacey and Rico have no clue about. It was fun (if that’s the right word) watching Danny hold all of his secrets inside for a while, but watching him and Jo slowly unravel together has the potential to be even more watchable as we head towards the first season finale. Now that the body has been discovered, and we can assume will be revealed to the rest of the town next week, these two are going to have to stick together if they’re going to avoid descending into complete internal chaos.



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