The Following 2.05 Review: “Reflection”

“They’re crazy,” Emma tells Joe about Lily and her family. Joe merely nods his head lightly, apparently not even bothering to point out that both he and Emma are, by common interpretation, also crazy. Welcome to The Following, where being self-aware means absolutely nothing.

After a fairly wild conclusion to last week’s episode, the hunt for Gisele goes as one might expect something to go in this series: horribly wrong. It’s too difficult for Ryan and Max to keep her handcuffed, so she winds up escaping. For some reason, she doesn’t bother to kill the unconscious Max, which would certainly help to either slow down Ryan or make him so unstable that he’ll be susceptible to stupid mistakes. Instead, Gisele runs to try and help one half of the Evil Twins Brigade, after which she ends up catching a knife in the gut from Ryan for lying about offing his niece. There hasn’t really been much attention paid to developing Gisele’s character in these early episodes, so it’s not exactly a huge loss, but it’s kind of weird that one of the bigger players in Lily’s scheme is gone this early without even having met Joe.



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