Castle 6.15 Review “Smells Like Teen Spirit

On last night’s episode of Castle, our duo finds telekinesis in their veins. I have no scientific evidence of this, but a lot of shows do some sort of scary/horror themed episode around Valentine’s Day. I suppose it’s just counter programming for all the lovey-dovey stuff, but Castle gave us both in spades!

Castle and Beckett discover a young telekinetic who took revenge on her high school bully by murdering her, which her friends discover through a Facetime call. Jordan Gibbs was tormented by Madison Beaumont and her friends and she cracks in the cafeteria one day. Tables and chairs start flying all over the place as Jordan freaks out and Madison is backed into a corner. “Very Carrie.” Castle and Beckett investigate at the school, Faircroft, which is one of the private schools Castle attended in his delinquency days. Castle was expelled from Faircroft, however, in his senior year, for getting a cow onto the roof (!!). He later tells the principal, the very same one who expelled him, that “if you ever need one, I know a guy.” Of course he does.



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