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InuYasha's comin Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALRIGHT PEOPLE OF INUYASHA THE DAY WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR HAS FINaLLY COME!! Production has started and they're making something TV related for InuYasha! We guess it's eaither a new series or an OVA. Let's hope it's both! C'mon InuYasha lovers our day of hope has come!!!


| 19:41 EDT, 28 Aug, 2013
i hope kagome and Inuyasha kiss
| 06:52 EDT, 06 May, 2009
so excited. still waiting!
| 14:36 EDT, 04 Apr, 2009
The anime was put at a stop at episode 167. It was not cancled or ended. What happend was that the producer quit, there was no replacement, and since they were catching up with the manga too fast they did not want to make fillers. So the anime has been put on limbo, neither ended nor cancled.News has it that there will be new episodes of InuYasha anime after the manga is over. It was stated at an offical interveiw with the producer. They would probally have to come up with some kinda filler recap of the whole series to keep it’s pace. New episodes, if anime series, OVA or a movie is still up in the air but it is quite definete InuYasha will continue.
| 22:46 EST, 03 Jan, 2009
It is TRUE GUYS!!! I went to Otakon 2008 Convention Center and they said the producers are probably going to start Inuyasha again!!!!!
| 21:37 EST, 15 Dec, 2008
omg i really wish they would. i jus finished the series and now i'm having inuyasha withdrawals syndrome. if their is such a thing. well now i just need to rewatch the movies. :D
| 23:21 EST, 11 Dec, 2008
It'z dat real??? is yes, dat's great..
| 09:27 EST, 03 Nov, 2008
its true inuyasha is coming back!!!!! i found out on yahoo answers when i posted a question on there and go this well they stopped the episodes because the anime caught up to the manga and they didn't want to create a season or 2 of filler episodes to let the manga get further ahead. there was a 30 min inuyasha short (or OVA) called "Black Tessaiga" that's was shown at an exhibit called “Its A Rumic World” which was an exhibit to congratulate Rumiko Takahashi (creator of inuyasha) for her 30th anniversary of creating manga's. the event was held from July 30th to August 11th of 2008 but as of now it the short is just in japan and there is no info on whether VIZ media will release it in English. according to "hellosoushi1234" (of yahoo answers) in the magazine "anime insider" (issue number 60, released in September 2008) it says that they will be making a new season of inuyasha in 2009 (japan) meaning we should get it in 2010 maybe (US/Canada)........i understand that the return of the anime is a while away and if you don't want to wait you could always read the manga (ill leave the links)........i am a huge inuyasha fan and am thrilled that they will continue the anime =) * 4 days ago Source(s):BTW: the manga is read right to left ;-) (just so u don't get (inuyasha manga where the anime leaves off (bottom of this page) (heres where i would start to finish off the manga) (final chapter of the manga) (here is the info on the short) (heres the summary of the short) ***i wish i could show you the part with the anime continuing but "anime insider" is a site where you have to purchase the magazines online, so if you have any questions ask "hellosoushi1234" (of yahoo answers) or u can purchase a subscription for the magazine online =)*** but if you want to see for your self hears the link to my question
| 14:00 EDT, 27 Aug, 2008
Guys, i say to wait till we actually see the show. Such news are about what type of show its gonna be isn't always right or true, so we just need to be patient. In anycase, from my point of view, i say its about dam time they decided to do something about it...
| 20:54 EDT, 18 Aug, 2008
Dude, that's just wrong!! I had my hopes up and everything. I guess I'll just start rewatching all the Inuyasha episodes, again.
| 18:00 EDT, 18 Aug, 2008
they're making an OVA if they don't make a new series.
| 17:56 EDT, 18 Aug, 2008
ummz...... they decided not to make a new series a few days ago....srry.... at least not something realated... but there are other good things out there, like monochrome factor!!XD try it! (i like advertizing anime...)
| 22:56 EDT, 28 Jul, 2008
are you sure thats true?? cuz there has ben soooo many rumors that its kinda hard to believe...

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