CSI Season 14 Review “Love for Sale”

In the latest episode of “CSI,” the gang tackled a case of “Love for Sale.” Or did they? Was it actually love for sale, or was it more like love taken, and against one’s will? Definitely the latter, as it turned out, though I’m not sure I’d classify it as love. And boy, oh boy, did things get pretty twisted, with some clever casting along the way.

It all started with a girl turning up dead in her car in an isolated locale in the desert. She was a minister’s daughter, but the gang traced her back to the actual crime scene, which turned out to be a legal brothel, run by none other than Sherilyn Fenn, of “Twin Peaks” fame. This was great casting, as fans of that show no doubt remember a memorable scene in which Fenn, investigating the death of a classmate, goes undercover at a Canadian brothel, only to almost end up having her first client be (spoilers on a over 20-year-old show) her own father!




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