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After watching the first few episodes i am really interested in reading the books but don't want to spoil the up coming episodes. How far does the first book go? Does it cover most of what has happened or is there still more to come.

Really loving this show and can't wait for the next episode!




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Oct 6, 2008 11:01PM EDT

Well the first book should correspond to the entire first season. So reading it would give you the answers, but still I red it after I watched the first two episodes and even if i know, i'm still looking forward to watch each new episode because it's still new stuff for me and seeing it instead of reading it gives it a new dimension. Even if the show is very close to the book, it really is another entity of his own.... so read the book because then you'll know and want to see it even more!!

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Oct 7, 2008 2:28AM EDT

I've read through to the sixth book so far, but it was a while ago, so my memory of what happens has faded somewhat.
But let me just say that i SCREAMED almost in an orgasm when i saw that Sookie was going to have her own tv series, and on HBO so it can feature all the stuff thats in the books, and yes I am talking about the sex...which you only really hear about on Sookie's part. None of the tara/sam, jason stuff do you hear or see in thebooks.
But yes, the first book is the first season.. I checked and the first episode went to page 29 of the first book..but each episode is covering more pages, since a lot more of it is description which can easily be depicted in a couple seconds of action on the tv show.
I know what happens with Bill and Sookie down the road and I still can't get enough of the series. Reading the books shouldn't spoil your enjoyment. The tv series really brings it to life.

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