The Blacklist Season 1 Review “Madeline Pratt”

Through 13 episodes, new NBC drama The Blacklist has already undergone a few iterations. When Red Reddington first walked into FBI headquarters, it appeared the show was aiming at just the right level. It turned loose James Spader and embraced his brand of mischievous creep. Explosions happened, guns went off, and Spader waxed lyrical on topics ranging from good wine to the true worth of a man’s word. It was an entertaining mess of a show. However, the two parter surrounding the Anslo Garrick name on The Blacklist became a fork in the road moment for the series. Suddenly, Red was off on his own show and left FBI agents and the Keen marriage to their drab devices. A show that seemed to know what it had was behaving as if it no longer appreciated it, and the show suffered mightily as a result.



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