OK whats wrong with this picture!!

When you watch Desperate Housewives you expect something new different. Something with a little bit of class.

So what is going on. The whole bit at the beginning, I'm sure was to keep us in suspence. Well guess what it DIDN'T. Come on I remember seeing this all before. We have had all of those story lines.

Lets see the whole Susan and her 'Man Candy', come on can you say Gabrielle and John?

Bree and Orsen well how many times have they been off then on again, Wise up She's a drunk and he's a child in a mans body. "Boohoo, I went to prison for trying to kill a man. Now i have to let my wife go aout and support me." If you don't like it you know where the door is.

Lynette and Tom HA!! What can I say to that well... She gets shot and cancer. He's the stupid arse that gets himself hurt, Now he decides to mess up their lives AGAIN and shes the bad guy. Don't make me laugh.

What else o yeh Gabby and Carlos well they are the only thing I like about this episode. Thats only because she keeps pushing him around.

And Finally the whole psycho Dave. What kind of BUM does that to a 70 year old lady. We all know he'll be after one of the men on the street, he'll finally kidnap them or something like that. He'll be arrested or killed and they'll all learn from their mistakes until another season and they do all of this again.

Thats enough Ranting for tonight.



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