'Teen Wolf': Stiles and the nogitsune get lucky in 'Echo House'

In "Echo House," "Teen Wolf" takes a long-overdue trip to the local nuthouse. Because obviously a town like Beacon Hills has an insane asylum. This works out surprisingly well for both Stiles and the nogitsune too -- the kid gets a girl and the demon gets Stiles.Fair trade? Answer for yourself with this recap.Stiles has a special pillowAs if the world didn't already adore Stiles, the boy has a special pillow. He can't sleep without it! Awwww ...Unfortunately, Stiles doesn't bring his pillow when he commits himself to the Eichen House mental hospital. But since Stiles is possessed by an evil demon who tends to show up when he's sleeping, not even a special pillow is likely to help.It's not like he's going to want to sleep in creepy Echo House anyway. This is a place where suicides (which happen more often on Mondays) are called accidents and where everything echoes ... eventually. Oh,...



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