The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Puerto Rico


Hola, it’s me, Joyce! I wanted to be the one to tell you about our trip to Puerto Rico because I invited Kyle only, but then, one by one, she invited EVERYONE, and I’m trying to be gracious because I love my island! But my father just died and I wish I didn’t have to deal with this many people because ay dios mio, the YELLING and the YELLING!


First, everyone has to pack — you know us girls with our luggage, right? I pack everything — the dress, the hanger, anything that is not nailed down, because you never know what you need when you are traveling! I was Miss Puerto Rico TWO TIMES, okay, TWO TIMES, so I have to be prepared to be beautiful always. Lisa tried to pack her little dog, the one that sits very still and wears human clothes and is depressed like a teenager? And Kim tried to pack herself into a suitcase because she is CRAZY, that one! Kim tried to speak in Spanish and said, “The people here, is love of boys, the boys, with the garlic, the water below for, you know, the water.” Her eyes spin around like cartoons sometimes and I worry about her brain, but she tries so hard to seem normal and no one ever comments about her crazy-looking face or the fact that she grits her teeth very hard, so she must be fine! Kyle’s children stole all of her bikinis so I hope she does not show up naked to the pool, right? The Richards sisters are crazy!  Read More...


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