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The Blacklist Recap: Red, Tell Me a Story


The Blacklist is the perfect show for the internet age. Everybody loves lists! It's a rather clever setup, actually. This "blacklist" of Red's can really have a never-ending supply of cases for the Red and the FBI to work on, depending on how many seasons the show lasts. And if Red can keep finding other lists and other names ...


When we last left the show, before we were interrupted by two weeks of figure skating, bobsledding, and a different kind of red (Bob Costas's eyes), Liz had told Tom she wanted to hold off on adopting the baby. This is because of Red's constant warnings about Tom, plus Liz's own uncertainty about him. But they're keeping an ultrasound pic of the baby on the fridge, which seems like a cruel thing for Liz to do to Tom, since he still wants to go through with the adoption ASAP.

Meanwhile, Diane Fowler is missing and Cooper wants to know if Red knows anything about it. Red acts like he's surprised that Fowler is missing, but we know that when we last left him, he was shooting Fowler several times in her own home because he found out she was the mole.  Read More...


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