'Teen Wolf' Season 3 video: Evil Stiles, internment camps and gunshots

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is going to have an epic handful of final episodes. With the nogitsune apparently running the Stiles show, evil is stalking just about everyone in Beacon Hills. And someone is going to die.Who will it be? Will the nogitsune be defeated? Why is there footage in black-and-white? A preview for the remaining episodes of the season hints at these questions and (hopefully) some of the answers.Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is of course a major focus of the video. Unfortunately for fans of nice, goofy Stiles, it does look like the nogitsune is in full control going forward. This might be especially problematic when Stiles' physical state is taken into consideration -- the boy doesn't look too healthy. Is this the effect of demonic possession or is that pesky dementia causing additional trouble?Other creepy moments: - The appearance of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) indicates that the werewolf does survive. His brief scene in...



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