The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Baby Bear’s Soup”

Up against some stiff competition over on ABC in the form of The Oscars telecast, The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Baby Bear’s Soup”. With a lot of other stuff to watch tonight, I was still really excited to catch back up with the All Stars and see what kinda antics the teams were gonna get up to in Quangzhou, China!

It’s always frustrating to see teams that you like making really boneheaded moves, but that was what happened when the cowboys decided they should jog to the first location instead of taking a cab. I really didn’t understand this at all. Did they not want to spend the money? Or did they just not want to go through the hassle of trying to flag down a taxi? I mean, it can’t be the money, right? It’s very rare that anybody on this race doesn’t have enough money to travel, so why not spring a few bucks to get to your location faster? So what if it’s just around the corner? Then you only pay a few bucks in cab fare, so who cares?!



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