Almost Human Season 1 Review “Straw Man”

I was hoping that the ratings for Almost Human would have ticked up last week since it was no longer going on up against the Olympics, but instead, the opposite happened. The ratings dropped down even further, staying barely above 5 million viewers, which is not very many for a primetime show on FOX. I’m hoping tonight’s season finale “Straw Man” draws in some more viewers, and that FOX will give this fledgling drama a second season.

If this is the last episode we ever get, though, then it’s a fittingly personal one for John Kennex. I think we’ve only ever heard John mention his dad once, so it was great to hear more about him as John has to investigate an old case of his. John’s dad was played by John Diehl, who you might recognize from playing a cop in Los Angeles on The Shield, so it looks like he’s staying within his wheelhouse with this role.



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