Teen Wolf Season 3 “The Fox and the Wolf” Review – Nogitsune Origin Story

On this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, we finally got some long overdue information regarding the origins of the nogitsune that is currently taking up residence in Stiles. It reminded me a lot of Visionary, the Derek/Demon Wolf origin story in 3A. Unfortunately, we did not get the joy of watching Gerard spew out Mountain ASSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

His suffering sustains me.

Although I was happy to get the nogitsune’s origin story, the slow pace at which Mrs. Yukimura unveiled it was frustrating at times. Of course, this was due in large part to her trying to stall Scott and Kira until the oni could arrive at night and make one final run at Stiles. After seeing the action-packed trailer for the final episodes of the season, I am admittedly antsy to get to the action.




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