The Most Recent Episode

The episode "When The Levee Breaks" drew me to tears. THe last seen where Dean says 'If you walk out that door don't ever think about coming back' drew me to tears. Sammy is so dellusional trading his brother for a demon. In my world the only a person really has is their family and sam just lost his. I hated seeing Dean and Bobby cring while they were tring to clense Sammy. I hated seeing sam in pain like he was. I am still wondering why Cas was ordered to lat sam out of the panic room. I am confused about that one. I hope sam comes home and dean can forgive him. It isn't supernatural without the brothers, where the show is about two brothers who fight evil. I think they might be seperated for a while at the beginning of season 5 but i also believe that towards the end that they would connect again just in time to make the finale. That would be a horrible ending if they didn't come back together. I am wondering if when he saw his mom in the panic room if it was a hallusination or if she really believes that sam is doing the right thing. this episode was difficult to sit through with all of the choices and pain. I have a lot of questions and I hope the brothers will reconnect again.


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