The Middle 5.14 Review: “The Award”

This was another memorable episode of The Middle.  No matter what Sue tries, she will never get the recognition she so desperately craves.  On the other hand, Mike is being honored with an award for a big anniversary at work and he doesn’t want to even acknowledge that.  These differences between father and daughter couldn’t be more obvious, but they balance each other out in their family.

Mike only gives in to Frankie’s constant begging to attend the award presentation and dinner.  I think many of us can relate to Mike in this sense.  He strives for mediocrity, and doesn’t want any more attention than is absolutely necessary.  When Brick asks him what he did to deserve an award, he simply shrugs it off by saying he just showed up for 20 years.  Even when he is delivering his acceptance speech, he can’t muster up the more emotional response he gave with Frankie when she was attempting to help him write it.  Instead he offers a grim remark that they’re all really lucky in the current economy to even have jobs.  Read More...


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