Community 5.07 Review

Wow. I’m really excited to be writing about Community. It’s been one of my favorite shows since I cheaply acquired the first season DVD’s a couple of years back. I even own a Troy and Abed in the Morning Mug (morning without the “u”). I’m afraid this intro paragraph will go on too long if I keep going so let’s just fat dog and jump right in!

To state the obvious- the show isn’t the same without Pierce and Troy. However, when mixed with the remaining study group members correctly, Duncan and Hickey can serve as more than adequate replacements. This episode is proof that Dan Harmon was the driving force of Community, and no one else. I’m convinced that Dan Harmon could keep this show funny with any cast of characters. This episode, while maybe not eventually iconic like some previous Season 5 episodes, was still in the true spirit of Community and laugh-out-loud funny. Let’s begin, shall we?



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