Hannibal 2.01 Review: “Kaiseki”

For those who had the misfortune of missing the first season of Hannibal last year (and there were many, based on the low ratings), NBC has done a huge service for television by giving Bryan Fuller at least thirteen more episodes of his prequel adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novel, Red Dragon. Not only was Hannibal the best new series in a year full of legitimate contenders for that title – its first run immediately situated the series alongside seasons of upper-echelon prestige dramas like Mad Menand Breaking Bad. The meticulous craft behind each and every scene in an episode of Hannibal is unparalleled, especially when compared to other broadcast network dramas. Each entry is an elaborate meal similar to the ones Dr. Hannibal Lecter arranges for his dinner guests. It takes an attentive and practiced palate to experience every nuance of what is being served, and even the most attentive and most practiced are likely still missing out on some things that Hannibal has to offer. Like any great piece of art, the amount of effort one puts into watching and experiencing something like this is proportional to the reward and satisfaction one receives. Over the next few months, I hope to impart what observations and analyses I can based on my own effort as we follow Hannibal, Will Graham and a host of other characters down what will certainly be a very dark rabbit hole this season.




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